Out Sourcing

Having a reliable out-sourcing service partner means Maximising Revenue by reducing the in-house cost of hiring, training, software, hardware, desk space, attrition related issues.

Accounting Out-Sourcing Services

Compliance Services

Businesses are required to have a quick response time to various regulatory changes and new requirements all the time. There are new laws being passed or new compliances being added all the time by the centre as well as state government bodies. Non-compliance to any of this is a huge risk. We at Entrivis help businesses navigate though these changes smoothly though our compliance services.

Company Secretarial Service

Company secretarial services includes keeping various statutory registers, preparation of minutes of the Board and Annual General Meetings, and preparation and submission of mandatory forms to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs at various times during the year. Current knowledge, practical experience and accurate and timely filing are necessary features of this service.

Payroll Services

Payroll Services involves carrying out monthly payroll processing, computation of taxes on a monthly basis, deduction of mandatory deductions, preparing quarterly TDS returns and issuing Form 16 annually. Collecting and saving the Employee Investment Declarations and computing the taxes based on it. At the end of the financial year investment proofs as collected and final tax computations are done.

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